Discover the charm and convenience of living in a new build in Wallsend with Persimmon. From its rich heritage and fantastic connections, to its easy access to the coast, there's something for everyone in this hidden gem of a town.

New build houses in Wallsend

It offers a blend of historical allure, ongoing development and modern amenities, making it an increasingly popular place for many homebuyers looking to live in the North Tyneside area. If you do choose this town as your new home, you’ll quickly feel a part of a great community.

Living in Wallsend

Embracing historical significance

It is home to several cultural attractions, showcasing its Roman history and rich heritage. It’s perhaps best known for its historical significance as the eastern end of Hadrian's Wall. The town name itself derived from the wall's end (where Hadrian's Wall met the River Tyne), signifying the tale of its rich past. The famous Roman landmark can still be seen today at Segedunum, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Historically, it was a prominent centre for shipbuilding, particularly during the 19th and early 20th centuries. The town's famous history of shipyards has shaped its character, playing a crucial role in the construction of many famous vessels - including one of the fastest ocean liners of its time, the RMS Mauretania.

A modern hub in Tyneside’s evolution

Thanks to its continuous redevelopment and revitalisation, Wallsend has evolved into an integral part of modern Tyneside. Known for its close-knit community feel, and mix of nearby local amenities, shopping options and recreational facilities, it’s no wonder that this town holds significant appeal for many homebuyers.

Those moving to the area can benefit from the top schools, scenic parks and a thriving local scene, making it an excellent location for families, rightsizers and first-time buyers looking for a stunning new house in the Wallsend.

A gateway to the city and coastal beauty

Newcastle’s centre is just a short distance away, with plenty of transport links to get you there. This makes it ideal for getting to work or spending a day exploring what the city has to offer on the weekend.

But travelling to the bright lights of the urban centre is just the beginning. The Metro provides easy access to the Tyne and Wear region, with excellent transport links to connect you to the wider areas, including the breathtaking North Sea coastline.

Our new builds in Wallsend

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