Dunbar has a great nickname that says it all – Sunny Dunny! Its location gives it more sunshine than most other places in Scotland.

If you were to have a list of criteria for your hometown, Dunbar would probably tick all the boxes. It’s right on the coast and is well-known as a base for adventure sports such as surfing, coastal rowing, wakeboarding and paddle boarding. It’s got a lovely sandy beach at Whitesands Bay for families to enjoy. It’s only 30 miles from Edinburgh for work, culture and leisure and it’s only 30 miles from England for a trip across the border at Berwick upon Tweed.

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Living in Dunbar

Coast to countryside

This is an area that gives you coast, countryside and city, so there’s a huge variety to suit a wide range of lifestyles. If you need to commute to Edinburgh for work, the drive time on the A1 is around 50 minutes and the train journey – to Edinburgh Waverley – is about half an hour. If you need to head south into England, the drive time is about 40 minutes, and if you want to explore the coast, you can take all the time you want!

Pretty and practical

Dunbar is good-looking as well as being good on facilities and amenities. Its historic harbour, promenades and beach make it a popular destination for visitors, and that boosts all the independent shops and restaurants in the lovely high street. The community bakery is a great example of the spirit here. For convenience, there’s an Asda and a Co-op too. There are primary schools, a grammar school and a secondary school, parks and playgrounds, cafes and restaurants.

Living near the capital

Edinburgh is convenient for commuters and exciting for day-trippers. With all the facilities of a capital city, it adds the buzz of the Fringe Festival, the traditions of its royal connections and the temptations of the fabulous Royal Mile – the historic route between Edinburgh Castle and Holyrood Palace – for shopping and eating out. Living near this city is always going to be a bonus.