N Wrigley 2014

The stewardship and governance of our Company continues to be a high priority for the Board, to ensure that our strategy and our requirements for excellence and good governance are instilled into the culture of the business.  We set the right culture from the top with strong Executive Directors who have significant housebuilding experience and Non-Executive Directors with complementary skill sets and diverse and relevant experience.

Our Executive and Non-Executive Directors regularly meet with management teams and staff across our 29 operating businesses, ensuring that the Board’s standards and values for integrity and honesty are successfully disseminated to all employees. The Board understands the importance of setting the right culture. Each of the 29 businesses has its own management team and staff who manage and take pride in the success of their own operating business, within the strategy set by the Group. In this way we encourage the local businesses to work autonomously but within parameters and controls set by the Board. Our approach creates a culture that motivates and rewards our colleagues for their performance and allows them to share in our success. We promote a supportive culture that enables our employees to develop their talents and skills over long and fulfilling careers. The Board holds an annual strategy meeting which includes a full review of the Company’s long term strategy and ensuring the Group maintains appropriate levels of resource to successfully execute Group policies in all key areas of the business, in particular with regard to land replacement, build quality and customer care.

I am pleased to report that the Company complied with the UK Corporate Governance Guide 2014 throughout 2016.  Further information can be found in the Corporate Governance Statement in our Annual Report 2016.

Nicholas WrigleyChairman
February 2017