Creating long term, sustainable value

The resources that we need

High quality land holdings

A diverse and
talented workforce

A secure supply chain

Good relationships
with our local communities

Good relationships
with local Government

Financial strength

What we do

Obtain planning permission

Identify areas of housing need

We have skilled Group and regional operational management and land planning and design teams who have a good knowledge of their local areas and understand where communities need more homes. Our teams work closely with local Government, land owners and their communities to identify and plan developments that best suit local needs. They identify areas that have good transport links, are close to local amenities and determine which mix of house types will best meet the needs of the local communities.

Execute disciplined land investment
at the right time in the market cycle

Disciplined land investment at the right time in the housing cycle

The Group has high quality land holdings providing it with continuity of supply of outlets, a geographically diverse network of upcoming and current developments and the flexibility to invest only when it is the right time in the cycle and when the investment meets the Group’s strict criteria. The Group prioritises strategic land investment – e.g. securing options over areas of land, having found that this secures a stronger return on investment.

Design communities where people
wish to live and work

Design communities

The Group’s planning and design teams aim to design developments with open space and the right balance of house types to meet local communities’ needs. The Group has well designed core house types which provide a range of affordably priced homes meeting the lifestyle needs of our customers from first time buyers to larger family homes. Our newly built homes are on average 40% more energy efficient than existing housing stock meaning that our customers will generate lower carbon emissions and live more affordably in their new home.

Procurement and site development

Material supplies, vertical integration and construction

Our Group Procurement department secures group deals for key material components. Each of our regional businesses have an experienced local buying team who utilise the Group deals and have the ability to secure deals with local suppliers where beneficial. The Group owns Space4 (a timber frame, wall panel and roof cassette manufacturing facility) and has built its own brickworks and tileworks facilities. This in-house manufacturing capability provides security of supply of key materials. The Persimmon Way, the Group wide consolidated approach to new home construction, is embedded within the business and making a real difference to improving build quality across the Group.

Provide excellent customer service

Customer service

The Group has dedicated sales advisers and customer care teams to look after our customers throughout their home buying journey with us. We have invested significantly in increased training and improved communication for our customers and have seen marked progress in our eight-week customer survey score.

The value we create

Our business model delivers sustainable value for our stakeholders including our customers, our
workforce, the communities in which we build, the economy, the environment and our investors.

New homes delivered


2,212 delivered to
housing associations

'Homes for all'


Our private average selling price is c.17%
lower than the UK national average*

HBF Score


HBF survey - percentage of customers who would recommend Persimmon to a friend

Investing in communities


Over the last six years

Financial strength


Balance sheet net assets
at 31 December 2020



People directly employed
on average in 2020

Jobs supported**


Construction and supply chain jobs

Surplus capital returned to shareholders


In the year to 31 December 2020

* National average selling price for newly built homes sourced from the UK House Price Index as calculated by the Office for National Statistics from data provided by HM Land registry.

** Estimated using an economic toolkit