How we create and preserve value: 

Icon Strategic Land

Obtain planning permission

We prioritise strategic land investment and its conversion into high quality developments with detailed planning consents over the long term to support our operating performance. We have experienced land, planning and design teams across the Group that identify suitable land in areas where people wish to live and work across the UK. They work in partnership with landowners, local communities and local authorities to obtain appropriate planning consents to deliver the right mix of housing to meet local communities’ needs.

Icon Consented Land

Select and buy land

We maintain a high quality land bank to give the Group continuity of supply, to support the efficiency of our operations, to maintain a strong sales network and to enable us to be selective in our land acquisitions. By investing in the right land at the right point in the housing cycle we place the business in the strongest position to deliver higher returns over the near term whilst also mitigating the effects of changing conditions over future periods. We maintain a disciplined approach to land investment appraisal, which all our land investments must fulfil.     

Icon Construction

Design & construction

Our range of core house types support an efficient approach to construction whilst providing choice and affordability for our customers. Our off-site manufacturing capabilities, including our Space4 timber frame system, Brickworks and going forwards, Tileworks support our production rates and ensure quality and continuity of key supplies. We maintain a strong focus on build quality. We also maintain control over our construction costs and work in progress, to support sustainable growth and to enable us to react quickly to changes in the housing cycle and provide good availability of new homes for our customers.

Icon Sales

Sales & customer care

We maintain a national development site network managed from 31 regional offices across the UK. This network enables us to understand the needs of local communities and deliver homes in places where people want to live and work as well as to maximise sales potential whilst mitigating market risk. Our range of house types offers customers an affordable choice of family homes. We have dedicated and skilled sales and customer care teams across the UK and we continue to invest in our systems and processes with the aim of providing excellent levels of service and customer care.