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Everyone looks for career opportunities, entertainment and a strong community spirit when buying a home. Plymouth offers all of this and more, providing that coastal, holiday ambience that people crave. 

This sea city offers homeowners spectacular waterfronts, a rich heritage and many cultural hubs dotted throughout. It’s an upcoming city with loads of potential, perfect for buying a new build in the South West.

New build homes in Plymouth

Many people flock to Plymouth for holidays, but it’s so much more than a summer getaway. The city is surrounded by sea and made up of countryside and moorland, with Dartmoor National Park nearby. It’s continually being invested in, creating new career opportunities and activities for all homeowners.

We’re proud to offer new housing developments in this area, with each home a love letter to its beauty and the life experiences residents are sure to enjoy.

Living in Plymouth

Britain’s Ocean City

Living by the sea is beneficial for your physical and mental wellbeing, which is why Plymouth is the perfect location for buying a new build. It has a seafaring history like no other, with The Barbican harbour steeped in rich marine life. Known as Britain’s ocean city, this heritage flows through its amenities and activities, meaning that there’s plenty to do for those buying a home in Plymouth. 

But not everything is about the ocean. Plymouth boasts beautiful walks that homeowners will never tire of, and has an array of shops, an upcoming foodie scene and booming nightlife. It’s one of the leading locations for arts and culture in the West Country, with a mix of drama and comedy performances, festivals and art venues putting on events all year round. Homeowners will never be bored living in this location. 

Working and learning

When moving to a new location, you want to be sure that there are plenty of career opportunities waiting for you. Plymouth offers work in a variety of sectors, from digital media and theatre to marine and manufacturing. 

As for education, there are three universities in Plymouth, all catering to various courses and skills. There’s also the City College Plymouth - the first college in the South West to be awarded the Google Reference College Status. So, for those looking to develop their career in the digital and tech sector, buying a home in Plymouth is the first step. 

The heart of the South West

It’s easy for homeowners to plan work trips and holidays from Plymouth. It’s the largest city in Devon, and its connections to the wider coast are vast. It’s closely connected to Cornwall, with a train to Penzance taking around two hours - a great day out for all the family. And for those wanting to travel abroad, Bristol airport is less than three hours away. It’s also a three hour train journey to London. 

New housing developments from Persimmon

Persimmon is proud to have new build homes in Plymouth, allowing families, professionals and seniors alike a chance to immerse themselves with this bustling waterfront city. If you’re looking for a fantastic quality of life, with strong career opportunities and plenty to do, then Plymouth is the place for you. Browse our homes above, click the links below to see our other Devon housing developments, or get in touch to learn more.