Our Brands

400Px Persimmon


Persimmon Homes is our core brand which delivers a range of traditional family housing throughout the UK in places where customers wish to live and work. With a focus on delivering value and quality for our customers, we sell most of our homes under this brand.

Persimmon Homes 

400Px Charles Church

Meadow Brook Bedfordshire

The Charles Church brand complements and differentiates itself from Persimmon by delivering larger, higher specification homes in premium locations across the UK.

We build homes under this brand tailored to local markets where our research and experience has identified a strong demand for a premium product.

Charles Church

400Px Westbury


Westbury Partnerships is our brand with a focus on affordable social housing. We sell these homes to housing associations across the UK. This brand plays a key part in the delivery of sustainable homes for the benefit of lower income occupiers, offering solutions to some of the country's affordable housing problems.

400Px Space4

Our Space4 manufacturing business produces timber frames, highly insulated wall panels and roof cassettes as a 'fabric first' solution to the construction of new homes. Space4's unique modern method of construction system helps us to improve site productivity, increase build capacity and mitigate construction industry skills shortages. Space4 supports all of our brands and supplied 5,300 timber frame kits and roof systems to the Group in 2020.

Space 4 is a Gold level member of the Structural Timber Association. 


Our Brickworks produces concrete bricks and is entirely focused on supplying the Group's housebuilding operations. During 2020, the brickworks supplied c.35 million bricks to the Group. The factory has the capacity to produce c.80 million bricks a year, which approximates to two thirds of the Group’s brick requirements.

Brickworks is ISO 9001 certified.


Tileworks, the Group’s own concrete roof tile manufacturing plant, commenced deliveries to site in early 2020 and has supplied c.2.5 million tiles to 115 sites across the Group.


FibreNest is the Group's own ultrafast, full fibre to the home, broadband service which aims to ensure all our customers are connected to the internet from moving in day onwards. Working with an experienced partner, FibreNest provides ultrafast speeds coupled with excellent levels of service both during installation and for the duration of the service.