Good corporate governance within the Group is essential for our future performance, relations with our stakeholders and for our reputation.

The Board

The Board currently comprises nine Directors: the Chairman, two Executive Directors and six Independent Non-Executive Directors who bring a diversity of skills, experience and views to the Board and provide sound advice, judgement and constructive challenge to the Executive Directors.

Corporate Governance Reporting

The Group produces a Corporate Governance Report, the key sections of which are:

  • Board leadership and company purpose;
  • Division of responsibilities;
  • Composition, succession and evaluation;
  • Audit, risk and internal control; and
  • Remuneration.

The full text of the Board’s Corporate Governance Report can be found in our latest Annual Report.

The UK Corporate Governance Code

Persimmon Plc has complied with the UK Corporate Governance Code 2018 throughout 2020.