Sound corporate governance within the Group is essential for our future performance and for our reputation.

The Board sets the standards for the Group and through the internal regional and operating business management structures, ensures that these standards and values are communicated to all our management and employees and are implemented throughout the Group.

The Board currently comprises eight Directors, our Chairman, three Executive Directors with extensive housebuilding experience, balanced by four Non-Executive Directors with a diversity of skills and experience to provide sound advice and judgement.

The Nomination Committee will continue to review succession planning and the composition of the Board with regard to the balance of relevant skills, knowledge, experience and independence.  We understand the value a diverse board can bring to the business.  Diversity, including gender diversity is always considered, appointments are made on the basis of overall suitability with the aim of having an appropriately diverse range of views.

Persimmon Plc has complied with the UK Corporate Governance Code throughout 2017. The full text of the Board’s Corporate Governance Report can be found in the latest Annual Report and Accounts.