Audit Committee

Members: Rachel Kentleton (Committee Chairman), Marion Sears and Simon Litherland. 

The Audit Committee’s key priorities are:

  • Effective governance of the Group’s financial reporting;

  • Performance and independence of the external auditor;

  • Performance of the Group Risk Department; and

  • The Group’s system of internal control and related compliance issues.

Remuneration Committee

Members: Marion Sears (Committee Chairman), Roger Devlin, Nigel Mills, Rachel Kentleton and Simon Litherland.

The Remuneration Committee’s key duties are to:

  • Determine remuneration policy for the Executive Directors, Chairman, Company Secretary and other senior executives;

  • Take into account all relevant factors including the provisions of the UK Corporate Governance Code in setting the policy and review and have regard to the remuneration trends across the Group; and

  • Regularly review the ongoing appropriateness and relevance of the remuneration policy.

Nomination Committee

Members: Roger Devlin (Committee Chairman), Nigel Mills, Marion Sears, Rachel Kentleton and Simon Litherland.

The Nomination Committee’s key duties are:

  • To review the structure and size of the board and if appropriate make recommendations for change;

  • Succession planning for the Board and other senior Directors;

  • Reviewing the leadership needs of the Company; and

  • Nominating candidates to fill any Board vacancies.