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17 May 2022


Musically inspired stay and play receives financial boost

A unique and innovative centre that helps people with additional needs has received a welcome financial boost.

Perkisound, a musically inspired ‘Stay and Play’ recreation centre, successfully applied for funding through Persimmon’s Community Champions, and was awarded £1,000.

Susie Perkins, from Perkisound, said: “We support people with additional needs, their families, friends and carers.

“We provide a safe, stimulating place to play and learn and aim to improve general health and wellbeing and reduce anxiety and loneliness. The facilities are particularly suitable for people on the autistic spectrum, although we have beneficiaries with a wide range of disabilities including wheelchair uses.”

The centre, set in rural north Warwickshire and the only one of its kind solely for people with additional needs, is currently fundraising for a Duo Metallophone, a specialised outdoor musical instrument to add to Perkisound’s growing music garden.

Susie added: “The Duo Metallophone is particularly exciting and user friendly as its design makes it easier for individuals with a limited range of movement, or for players in wheelchairs to reach all the notes. Eye contact can be difficult for people with autism who may only be able to process one sensory system at a time, so the Due Metallophone is designed to allow two people to interact and make music together without the need to look directly at each other.”

For more information or to apply for Community Champions funding visit www.persimmonhomes.com/charity

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